HP Pavilion 500 500-070 Desktop (Black)

"hp pavillion"/The HP Pavilion 500 500-070 Desktop (Black). This unit comes with an Intel processor with 3.40 GHz. Off the back that’s a lot of processing power which is something I would expect from a big desktop like this it should definitely be able to get your regular everyday task done using this type of equipment. It also comes with 8 GB of RAM so if you’re into running the programs like Reasons or your a audio guy and you like to run ProTools, eight gigs defiantly will get you there. You probably should be able to run these big software programs and surf the web at the same time. It has a 1024 GB hard drive, that's like saying it has a terabyte +24 gigs so you almost have a lifetime of space basically.

HP 110-040 Desktop (Black)

"hp all in one"/The HP 110-040 Desktop (Black). This unit comes with an Intel A4 processor 2.5 GHz, a pretty decent size processor it definitely should get you by especially if you’re not running anything super extensive. You should be able to run a program like Reasons and also ProTools but you definitely won’t be able to surf the web while running ProTools or Reasons at the same time. It comes with four gigs of RAM which is pretty good that should get you by, like I said you could run ProTools and you should be able to run Reasons and other heavy software programs. You can’t be surfing the web while you’re running huge programs because it’s not like you have six GB of RAM.
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